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Discover Black Londoners’ stories in our collection by means of articles, videos and photography. Celebrate women’s histories past and present with this collection of articles, videos and considerably extra. From an 18th century gibbet to a 300-year-old bed sheet embroidered with human hair, we delve into what these five objects say about public executions in London over 700 years. Functioning collectively to deliver the very best education in London and…Read More

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Legend speaks of the jewel as when being provided as ransom for Princess Rasheetah by the Sheik of Kashmir to the Sultan of Turkey who had kidnapped her. It is in the shape of rounded, triangular shape, and is of a blue-white hue. The 1st authenticated appearance by the diamond was at a Christie’s sale in London in 1865. A 69.42-carat, pear-shaped diamond, was put up for auction in 1969…Read More